Virtual Solar Observatory

Application Programming Interface

New! RPC/Literal API

As RPC/Encoded has been deprecated by the Axis and some other SOAP toolkits, we now have an RPC/Literal endpoint.

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version 1.2 (RPC/Encoded)

API Documentation (HTML); (POD)
A detailed explaination of the information exchanged between user interfaces and the Virtual Solar Observatory
API Description (WSDL)
A description of an example service in Web Services Description Language to generate code stubs -- please note, the example WSDL only lists one port, but there are multiple instances running.
VSO Nicknames (XML)
A listing of the nickname translations in use by the VSO web interface.
Keywords List (TEXT)
Keywords List (XML)
A list of keywords used in communications with VSO
See also:
VSO Installers
Perl Modules. Install in Physics::Solar::VSO::* (but shortened below for convenience)
Inheritable base for new Data Providers
Stores site-specific configuration information
SOAP Serializer and Deserializer for communication with strictly typed languages
Lookup tables of Data Provider holdings
Contains code for the multiplexor (the main 'VSO Instance)'.
Client inheritable to support ordering of data products

For more information, or to contact the programmers on the VSO team, please visit the Virtual Solar Observatory Website, or the VSO Documentation Project